Saturday, April 30, 2011

We're starting a garden!

A few friends and I decided it's time to have a garden. I wrote about the plot the other day. Yesterday we took it a step further! Now we have seeds for lettuce, asparagus, bush beans, and easter egg radishes. We also checked out the garden plot yesterday. It needs a wee bit of weeding. Good thing we all have new garden gloves! It's always good to look the part. 

We spent a decent chunk of time at Bennett's Greenhouse looking at all our options. It's not going to be as expensive as I thought. Most little plants cost about $1.50 each. Obviously getting started from seeds would be cheaper, but it's not so feasible for us. None of us really have space to get all the seeds started and none of us has the time to deal with it. Little plants are the way to go!

Here's the gang.
Rebecca, fondly referred to as "Regular Rebecca" with a row of tempting tomatoes. I think we'll have about 8 tomato plants when it's all said and done!

John, the wonderful man Rebecca married. He's our garden expert. We're plot X6. It's close to the garden shed which is pretty nice actually. It's also pretty close to the plot belonging to my date from the freshman winter dance. Funny story.

Me with my friend, Emily and all our seeds and our new garden gloves. We're ready to go. Surely our enthusiasm will take us pretty far!

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Hazbo said...

Yah! Glad you started your garden, I love my tiny roof top garden :)