Saturday, July 18, 2009

Travel Knitting

Now I know why people just knit socks on vacation! Oh well. I'm having
fun knitting this scarf out of Malabrigo silky merino. I pretty much
knit a few inches and the rip an inch back. It's about 7 inches or so.
I found one yarn shop today. I want to say it's called Northern Lights
Yarn Shop, but it's not. I'll have to make a seperate post about that
experience. Gorgeous shop for sure!

We're off to Seward. Tomorrow we'll find out if I get sea sick. Let's
hope I don't! Speaking of gettig I learned never to eat
pot stickers for breakfast. For the record, I didn't order them!!!!!!
I sure felt the reprocuasions of eating them though!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How much does the tomato cost?

I've been kind of amused watching my one little tomato grow in my red neck hanging planter thing. I figure it's about a $15 tomato. Here is is...cute little lonely tomato.
From Summer2009

But look! It's not going to be a lonely tomato for long! There are a few more little flowers.

From Summer2009

So maybe I will have a total of 4 tomatoes! That would mean they are less than $4 a piece. Crazy. There better be some more tomatoes by the end of the summer or I'm going to be really bummed.

I'm trying to pack for my trip and it's difficult. I really hate to check a bag. Eight days of unpredictable weather makes it tough though. Right now I have to consider the 10 day forecast calls for rain every day, we'll be on ice half the time doing whacky crazy stuff and who knows if I'll need to dress up ever. Polar fleece and jeans and hiking boots takes up way more room than sun dresses and flip flops. Humpf. I'm still going to be stubbern and try to make it fit in my carry on bag. I'll take my favorite hydration pack for extra little things. Maybe I'll treat myself to a new hydration bladder thingy. Not sure if I'll need it, but it might be nice. Sounds like a trip to Hodson's Bay!

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I got home from Indy this afternoon and had a package waiting for me! The package was from my Ravelry slipper swap pal COURT1KATHY. She sent me not 1, but 2 pair of fantastic slippers! I'm kind of on a purple kick right now, so I have to say the purple ones are my favorite, but it's hard to say because the other ones are super. I'm wearing them now! Plus I got a lovely little crochet rose pin and big stitch markers (that I needed!) and some yummy grape juice mix to add to water bottles. I didn't grow up having grape anything because mom gets sick just smelling it, so it never occurs to me to buy grape anything. I like it though and so it's fun to have these little individual servings of grape drink. I hope COURT1KATHY doesn't mind that I'm poster the picture she took. I'll try to get some action shots of me wearing the slippers soon.

From socks

Friday, July 10, 2009

One down, two to go

I finished Mom's socks this morning. Yay!

From socks

I'm working on the orange sweater now, but I think I will have to redo the sleeve I already knit. I'm afraid it's going to be too tight and uncomfortable. No point in having an uncomfortable sweater!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Can they get done?

There are a few knitting projects looming over me. All are really close to being done, but just haven't gotten done for one reason or another. The main reason being that I always seem to start a new project! I really want to get a few of these done ASAP.

My little red summer sweater is pretty stinkin close. This is the sweater that needed major repair last spring and I never did it. i started it, but never really got finished. I have just about an inch on the front and back plus a lot of kitchener stitching. Might take a total of 5 hours if I sat down and did it in one go.
Here is is all ripped out and ready to go...

From The Stash

Project number 2 that seriously needs to get done are mom's socks. Probably another 5 hours of steady knitting on those. They are going to matching mismatched socks. One pooled (photo) the other is striping. I wish they had both stripped, but I'm not in the business of ripping out an entire sock just to see if maybe possibly it will stripe the second time I knit it.

From socks

On to project number 3. My Remember Sweater! It would be perfect to wear as a jacket in Alaska, but it's not done! Only one sleeve, the collar and the piecing. Maybe I should multi-task tonight. I could block the pieces are are done while I knit one of the other projects. Here's the cool smocking pattern on the top of the sweater.

From socks

Those are the three projects that are really looming over my head. Trust me there are others that I'd like to start, but I really want to get these done first. It can be done. Especially now that it's been made public, I will race to get them done and post progress as soon as possible!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

5 reasons I probably won't be getting tan this summer

1. school

2. hospital

3. vacation in Alaska

4. i have yet to wear a swim suit this summer

5. I do dumb things like wear jeans or long sleeves on a perfectly warm sunny day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Finished Featherweight

Good thing the weather cooled off! Gives me a good excuse to wear my new sweater! I just finished it the other night at the hospital. Couldn't get mom to wake up, so I had to go out to the nurses' station to show it to someone. A friend at knitting group who would prefer not to be named on the internet took a picture and emailed it to me, so here it knitting another sweater while wearing a sweater I knit.