Saturday, July 11, 2009


I got home from Indy this afternoon and had a package waiting for me! The package was from my Ravelry slipper swap pal COURT1KATHY. She sent me not 1, but 2 pair of fantastic slippers! I'm kind of on a purple kick right now, so I have to say the purple ones are my favorite, but it's hard to say because the other ones are super. I'm wearing them now! Plus I got a lovely little crochet rose pin and big stitch markers (that I needed!) and some yummy grape juice mix to add to water bottles. I didn't grow up having grape anything because mom gets sick just smelling it, so it never occurs to me to buy grape anything. I like it though and so it's fun to have these little individual servings of grape drink. I hope COURT1KATHY doesn't mind that I'm poster the picture she took. I'll try to get some action shots of me wearing the slippers soon.

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