Saturday, July 18, 2009

Travel Knitting

Now I know why people just knit socks on vacation! Oh well. I'm having
fun knitting this scarf out of Malabrigo silky merino. I pretty much
knit a few inches and the rip an inch back. It's about 7 inches or so.
I found one yarn shop today. I want to say it's called Northern Lights
Yarn Shop, but it's not. I'll have to make a seperate post about that
experience. Gorgeous shop for sure!

We're off to Seward. Tomorrow we'll find out if I get sea sick. Let's
hope I don't! Speaking of gettig I learned never to eat
pot stickers for breakfast. For the record, I didn't order them!!!!!!
I sure felt the reprocuasions of eating them though!

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BJ & Jessie said...

Have a great time in Seward! We loved our boat tour and the glaciers were amazing! If you get the chance - Homer is a very cool town to visit as well!