Friday, July 30, 2010


I have to admit that I love free stuff. I found out about Swagbucks from a blog and I was skeptical. Turns out that several of my friends use the Swagbucks website. I've been using it and it's legit. It's basically a search engine interface. You search through Swagbucks and you earn points and in return for those points you can "buy" stuff. The best deal is $5 gift cards to amazon. I've used the site for about 3 weeks-ish and have earned 2, $10 gift cards. Today I earned about $100 swagbucks. You only need 450 to get a $5 amazon gift card. So here's my plug! Use Swagbucks and earn free stuff! Fun times ahead!

Search & Win

Monday, July 26, 2010

One heck of a domestic weekend

For the first time in several weeks, I'm rested! I owe it all to a fantastic, school free weekend. It turned out to be a crazy domestic weekend as well!

Baking with Marie. Result = blueberry cobbler!

Sewing with Marie. Result = adorable satchel bags!

Home brew class with my dad. Result = enough stuff to make 103 bottles of beer on the wall!

Knitting at the river surrounded by friends and family. Result = 4 inches of scarf!

(Pictures will be added soon!)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy Crazy Cow!

I am grateful to my friend Bethany for giving me not one, but 2 fantastic excuses to finally buy the cowboy boots I've been drooling over for a while now. We're going to the Brooks and Dunn concert in a few weeks AND all her bridesmaids are wearing boots to the reception. She's just that cool! Here they all their beauty!

What I'd really like to show is the UPS tracking page. I ordered standard free shipping. Soon after I ordered I got a friendly email from that my order had been shipped. When I checked the UPS tracking page I see that my boots are on schedule to be delivered today. Seriously! My boots are in Lafayette in a UPS truck riding around town right now. I've never heard of such fantastic shipping service. And it's free! So I am shamelessly putting in a plug for Again that's z-a-p-p-s-z-dot-c-o-m. Got it? Good.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

And the winner is!

This was fun for me! I have picked a winner, but a few sweaters are going in my queue for sure! The Honeybee Cardigan was tough to turn down. The one that looks the best in the Ravely collection is the one I highlighted below. Thing is, she made it out of worsted. I'm afraid that even with the delicate lace, it would be too much for late spring/early summer. Same goes for the Tall Flower Cardi. Love it! Probably will make it for fall, but I think it's too heavy for now.

I also LOVE Poplar and Elm! Oh my gosh! It's beautiful. But it would have to be the highlight of the outfit. I think I'll make it because it would be amazing!

And now for the winner....AMY! You win!

I love the way the geodesic cardi will be an accesory to a cute spring or summer outfit. Plus the suggested yarn is Malabrigo Lace which means it will be lightweight, but cozy. I may use some yarn already in my stash if I have enough. That said, I haven't picked a color winner yet. That will be announced later!

Thanks for all the fun suggestions! I think I'll have to have another contest soon!

Here are the last suggestions. Great sweaters to add to your queue!

Tall Flower Cardi by Cecily Glowic

Myrtle cardigan by Snowden Becker
Old Mill Hoodie by Cecily Glowic

Friday, April 09, 2010

Today is the last day!

Today is the last day for suggested patterns/colors for a spring sweater for me to knit. Here's the most recent suggestion! Winner will be announced tomorrow if I remember! If I don't remember, the winner will be announced as soon as I remember. How's that for a fabulous contest hostess!?!?!
Geodesic Cardigan by Connie Chang Chinchio

Friday, April 02, 2010

Ideas Suggested So Far...

In no particular order here are the patterns that have been suggested so far...
Keep the ideas coming!

Mr. Greenjeans by Amy Swenson

Poplar and Elm by Carol Sunday

Honeybee Cardigan by Laura Chau

(this one is knit by Jettshin)

Barb Wire by Grace Mcewen

Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's My First Blog Contest!

I'm heading to Europe (more specifically I'll be going to various places in the Netherlands, Brugge, Belgium and Bergamo, Italy) in May and I'd like to knit an all purpose cardigan to wear while I'm there. This is going to be a contest and I just decided that it will be a 2 part contest.

Part 1:
Suggest a cardigan pattern for me to knit. I'm thinking 3/4 sleeves, feminine, size 6 needles or smaller and some lace detail.
The person who suggests the winning pattern will receive a skein of sock yarn from my stash

What color?!?!?!?! Needs to be all-purpose, but who said purple can't be all purpose? Suggest a color and/or a yarn for me to use.
The person who suggests the winning color will get some cute stitch markers.

Post your ideas in the comments and I'll try to cleverly post pictures of the patterns as they are suggested! Contest will end on Friday, April 9th at midnight EST. Yay for a fun contest!

The fine print:
*if the pattern or color is suggested more than once, the first person to have suggested that pattern or color will be the winner.
**if the pattern is in a book or magazine that I don't have and that is not available at the library, you will be responsible for providing me with a copy of the pattern. I am willing to pay for a Ravelry pattern, but not more than $5 or $6.