Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's My First Blog Contest!

I'm heading to Europe (more specifically I'll be going to various places in the Netherlands, Brugge, Belgium and Bergamo, Italy) in May and I'd like to knit an all purpose cardigan to wear while I'm there. This is going to be a contest and I just decided that it will be a 2 part contest.

Part 1:
Suggest a cardigan pattern for me to knit. I'm thinking 3/4 sleeves, feminine, size 6 needles or smaller and some lace detail.
The person who suggests the winning pattern will receive a skein of sock yarn from my stash

What color?!?!?!?! Needs to be all-purpose, but who said purple can't be all purpose? Suggest a color and/or a yarn for me to use.
The person who suggests the winning color will get some cute stitch markers.

Post your ideas in the comments and I'll try to cleverly post pictures of the patterns as they are suggested! Contest will end on Friday, April 9th at midnight EST. Yay for a fun contest!

The fine print:
*if the pattern or color is suggested more than once, the first person to have suggested that pattern or color will be the winner.
**if the pattern is in a book or magazine that I don't have and that is not available at the library, you will be responsible for providing me with a copy of the pattern. I am willing to pay for a Ravelry pattern, but not more than $5 or $6.


Silvia M. said...

Okay, I have two suggestions. One is more in the molds of what you are looking for and the other one not so much but I really like it. :)
This first one is by Laura Chau and can be done in two different lengths. I think it would look really nice in a warm brown:

And this one, by Grace Mcewen is lovely. And red looks great:


Amy said...

I know this one does not have lace detail, however, I think it is a lovely feminine form. It is the Geodesic Cardigan from the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of Knitscene, which I could send your way.

I don't know you but for some reason picture this is spring or kelly green.

Have fun!

Silvia M. said...

Since it's the middle of the night and I can't sleep, here are a few more I really like:

I think they would all look nice on you. :)