Thursday, February 21, 2008

So dreamy....

As it turns out, we have the hottest electrician ever. Several things have broken in our house since I've been here and I'm always lucky enough to be here when the electrician comes. The first time, it was our water heater. After a week of cold showers I would have welcomed any electrician, but I was extra happy to find out our electrician is stinkin' hot! I'd say he could be in one of those fireman calenders, but he doesn't have the bad boy look. He's just tall, dark and handsome. The second time we needed his services, it was my fault. I plugged in an electric blanket from the states. I should have known it would blow a fuse, but I was cold and plugged it in anyway. So Hottie McHottie came to fix the fuse. That time it was funny because there were three guys waiting in a van outside our house and I only saw one young funny looking kid and one middle aged balding guy. It was so hard to conceal my surprise when I turned around and saw Mr. Dreamboat. This time there was no power to the washer and drier. I was so mad that none of my other roommates could be home. I wanted to go get my hair cut and the only appointment I could get was for 6:30. Someone had to be here between 6 and 7. Two roommates were working, one was in Cork and the other was taking some class from Amnesty International. So that left me at the bottom of the totem poll. Cheered up quite a bit when I opened the door. I think maybe I'll move back to Ireland and make a career of breaking all things electronic.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For better or worse...

Disclaimer, this post has nothing to do with marriage!

Yesterday was such a wonderfully productive day. I was walking all over town running errands. The best part is I got all but one done! I even stopped in a few charity shops and found more yarn. This yarn thing is becoming a bit of a problem. It's to the point that I think I have a stash that would rival anyone else! I've yet to knit anything with mohair, but for whatever reason I really like it and seem to keep buying it. Knitting group was fun. Trish and Harriet and I smushed on one couch together. We had lots of fun knitting and laughing!

I'm starting to get really sentimental about leaving Ireland. I was such a softy last night. Sniffing and trying to hide tears as I looked at all my happy stuff that has to be packed. Then all hell broke loose! Our electricity bill is 90 euro more than usual. I wasn't in Ireland during the billing period, so at least I can't be blamed. Everyone is furious about it. So a huge fight broke out. Mostly between two of my house mates who don't get along that well anyway. I got stuck in the middle. I'm no drama queen, but since I was already a little emotionally charged, and ended up yelling at both my roommates. Pretty sure I even used a few curse words. They weren't having a rational argument. It was so dumb! One of my roommates and I were still friends and laughing at the end of the night. Got the silent treatment from the other one. Oh well, I survived my first major drama queen even. Hopefully it will be the last.

Today I'm busy writing thank you notes to all the people who've made my time in Ireland so wonderful. Better get back to it.

Oh and by the way...I'm officially coming home. March 8th, I think. It's a Friday.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Do I really have to pack?

Mom and John are back home safe and sound. I sent them with quite a bit of stuff and a strange collection of stuff too! Mom's carry-on was full of steins and beer glasses that I've collected from pubs here and there. John's carry-on was packed with those pretty dishes mom and I bought when she was here this summer. Plus, mom had an extra checked bag full of maps and guidebooks and various random clothes and such. Even though mom and John took a bunch of my stuff home with them I still have a lot to pack.

I really enjoy having all the free samples of lotions and such from make up counters and hotels. Unfortunately I rarely end up using them. But I'm too stingy to give them away. So I'm going to try to use them all up! I don't know how my body is going to react to the bombardment of new products, but I'll give it a try.

Yesterday I stopped by the bookstore to buy a knitting magazine to cheer myself up after mom and John left. No joy there, so I checked the knitting books. They had a book called Nursery Knits for only 2.99! I bought a few copies to give away! So exciting! I also got a book called Knitting Patterns for Dummies. It's good actually. Maybe it's because I'm a dummy, I don't know. But I'm working on taking a baby sweater pattern and turning it into a TusaRebecca size pattern. I did some ratio math (thanks to all that GRE studying) and figured out some basic measurements. Now it's just a matter of trail and error. The yarn I'm using is kind of ghetto. It's kind of the color of a green bell pepper and used to be in the form of several really ugly ponchos at a St. Vincent's charity shop. Perfect yarn for testing out a pattern for a cozy sweater that I'll probably only ever wear around the house anyway. I'm having fun with my first pattern design.
I don't know about the rest of you knitters out there, but I can't work on one project at a time. I get too bored. The socks are first priority, but it's nice to have a few other projects to keep me entertained!

It ended up being a pretty busy day considering my plans were to go to the grocery, go home, do laundry and take a nap. I went to Collin's Barracks (aka National Museum of Ireland). They have a nice exhibit about the history of military in Ireland. It's not chronological though, so there was no way to really piece the history together. Maybe I'll go back and try to sort things out. Last night Kevin and I went to see Sons & Daughters at Wheelon's. Great show. Really had a lot of fun. Katharine was supposed to go, but never got around to buying a ticket and it was sold out.

So now I'm going to knit and contemplate how all the stuff in my room is going to fit into two suitcases and one carry-on. Should be interesting.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sock ripping clarification...

So the socks I was was going really well, except that I just didn't like the pattern. It's got an knit to together, knit 3, ssk in the center front of the sock. Maybe I do ssk wrong, but it always ends up bulkier than the rest of my stitches and so it just looked dumb. I thought about finishing the socks for myself later, but I don't want socks that look dumb. That was the kicker. So I ripped them. Now I'm doing a slip stitch rib that's going a bit faster and still looks nice.

And for the knitting stash confessions...
Mom and I bought a HUGE lot of yarn at a charity shop for 5 euro! There's some lovely brown aran tweed and some natural colored wool and beautiful blue and a lot of odd green, plus other bits and bobs. We're talking a ton of yarn! We went to This Is Knit yesterday and I got 3 skeins of Debbie Bliss SoHo to make a My So Called Scarf with. I already have about 3 inches done! Might I put a plug in for Lisa at This Is Knit. She is soooooo nice! Every time I go in there she's all smiley and has loads of ideas and encouragement. I bet she's never mean to anyone.


I now have a European Master of Science! Graduation was awesome. St Patrick's cathedral is really dark, so a lot of the photos aren't that great, but here they are for your enjoyment anyway! The best part was when the President of DIT mentioned that Dr. Boushey was an honored guest from Purdue and that two of her former student from Indiana were graduating!

There are a lot of highlights from the past week that mom and John have been here. We went out west for two days and saw the Cliffs of Moher and Alwee Cave in County Clair. In County Connemara we saw Kylemore Abby. The abby was breath taking. We had perfect weather...sunny, warm, not a cloud in the sky. I could hardly believe I was still in Ireland let alone Ireland in February! On the train ride home mom and I were knitting and the girl across from us had the prettiest scarf. As it turns out, she knits too! She got out her knitting and so there we were...three crazy ladies knitting on the train happy as we could be. This is going to be a picturific post!

Last night I had dinner with Dr. Boushey at Brasserie Sixty6 (my favorite fancy restaurant). We really had a delightful meal except there were some problems with the timing of the service. It took nearly 45 minutes between the clearing of the starters and the bringing of the entrees. I bet it was 20 minutes or more before they brought us our desserts after we ordered them. Supposedly two cooks went home sick, so I can imagine that left them in a bind. The food was still really good, so that helped a lot and we had a nice time chatting away. At least it wasn't really awkard! Dr. Boushey talked a lot about the projects she might have me do and is happy that I will be starting in June. I think that's a good sign, but I started to wonder what I've signed up for! She will work me pretty hard, but I think I'll really enjoy it.

Right, well this is mom and John's last day here and we're going out to Howth. It's a peninsula off the coast of Dublin and they have a market and I've heard there's good places to eat fresh fish! Should be a good day!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Really really quick...

Pretty sure I haven't blogged in ages, so here's a super-duper quick update...

Life is rosy. I haven't had a nightmare or bad dream in 3 nights! It's a record! I've had nightmares and bad dreams almost every night since I've been back in Ireland. Pretty much sucked, so I'm happy to be sleeping normal again though! Very very exciting! I take the GRE in the morning. Kind of nervous, but should be fine. Graduation is Thursday. Can't wait to see St. Patrick's Cathedral! I'm almost done knitting my fetchings. Bet I can get them done tomorrow. That would be great. Right, I have to review a few more things and get a good night's rest.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

I passed!

That's it! I'm done! They're going to let me graduate! Woohoo!

The poster presentation wasn't too hard. Just had to talk to to examiners about my project.

Here are some photos from the poster presentations...