Wednesday, February 20, 2008

For better or worse...

Disclaimer, this post has nothing to do with marriage!

Yesterday was such a wonderfully productive day. I was walking all over town running errands. The best part is I got all but one done! I even stopped in a few charity shops and found more yarn. This yarn thing is becoming a bit of a problem. It's to the point that I think I have a stash that would rival anyone else! I've yet to knit anything with mohair, but for whatever reason I really like it and seem to keep buying it. Knitting group was fun. Trish and Harriet and I smushed on one couch together. We had lots of fun knitting and laughing!

I'm starting to get really sentimental about leaving Ireland. I was such a softy last night. Sniffing and trying to hide tears as I looked at all my happy stuff that has to be packed. Then all hell broke loose! Our electricity bill is 90 euro more than usual. I wasn't in Ireland during the billing period, so at least I can't be blamed. Everyone is furious about it. So a huge fight broke out. Mostly between two of my house mates who don't get along that well anyway. I got stuck in the middle. I'm no drama queen, but since I was already a little emotionally charged, and ended up yelling at both my roommates. Pretty sure I even used a few curse words. They weren't having a rational argument. It was so dumb! One of my roommates and I were still friends and laughing at the end of the night. Got the silent treatment from the other one. Oh well, I survived my first major drama queen even. Hopefully it will be the last.

Today I'm busy writing thank you notes to all the people who've made my time in Ireland so wonderful. Better get back to it.

Oh and by the way...I'm officially coming home. March 8th, I think. It's a Friday.

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