Saturday, April 10, 2010

And the winner is!

This was fun for me! I have picked a winner, but a few sweaters are going in my queue for sure! The Honeybee Cardigan was tough to turn down. The one that looks the best in the Ravely collection is the one I highlighted below. Thing is, she made it out of worsted. I'm afraid that even with the delicate lace, it would be too much for late spring/early summer. Same goes for the Tall Flower Cardi. Love it! Probably will make it for fall, but I think it's too heavy for now.

I also LOVE Poplar and Elm! Oh my gosh! It's beautiful. But it would have to be the highlight of the outfit. I think I'll make it because it would be amazing!

And now for the winner....AMY! You win!

I love the way the geodesic cardi will be an accesory to a cute spring or summer outfit. Plus the suggested yarn is Malabrigo Lace which means it will be lightweight, but cozy. I may use some yarn already in my stash if I have enough. That said, I haven't picked a color winner yet. That will be announced later!

Thanks for all the fun suggestions! I think I'll have to have another contest soon!

Here are the last suggestions. Great sweaters to add to your queue!

Tall Flower Cardi by Cecily Glowic

Myrtle cardigan by Snowden Becker
Old Mill Hoodie by Cecily Glowic


Amy said...

Oh....happy you liked my suggestion! Thanks!

TusaRebecca said...

Amy! I tried to email you, but I'm not if you got it. If you'll please message me on Ravelry (my name is TusaRebecca on Ravelry) and give me your address, I'll get some sock yarn in the mail to you!