Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Holy Crazy Cow!

I am grateful to my friend Bethany for giving me not one, but 2 fantastic excuses to finally buy the cowboy boots I've been drooling over for a while now. We're going to the Brooks and Dunn concert in a few weeks AND all her bridesmaids are wearing boots to the reception. She's just that cool! Here they are...in all their beauty!

What I'd really like to show is the UPS tracking page. I ordered standard free shipping. Soon after I ordered I got a friendly email from Zappos.com that my order had been shipped. When I checked the UPS tracking page I see that my boots are on schedule to be delivered today. Seriously! My boots are in Lafayette in a UPS truck riding around town right now. I've never heard of such fantastic shipping service. And it's free! So I am shamelessly putting in a plug for zappos.com. Again that's z-a-p-p-s-z-dot-c-o-m. Got it? Good.

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Hazbo said...

very nice, have fun at the concert and the wedding :)