Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crying over the price of gas

I don't understand the price of gas! How can it go from $3.92 in the morning to $4.17 in the afternoon?!? I just bumped my gas budget up by about 15% to accommodate the prices we've seen the last month or so. Is it really ok for gas prices to jump 6% in a day?!? I heard on the news that there's higher demand. What?!? Did 1 million 16 year olds just get cars or something? I find it hard to believe the rest of us are really driving more. I'm going with the 1 million 16 year olds added to the road theory.


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Paula @ AffordAnything.org said...

The price of gas is pretty incredible right now; I'm not an international expert, but I'd chalk it up to unrest in the Middle East (Libya, Egypt) affecting the oil supply. Plus there's generally higher demand in the summer than there is in the winter, as more people drive and go on vacations. Nonetheless, the escalating prices underscore the need for more time-efficient public transit options! I'm in New York right now -- I'll be here for a month -- and I love being in a city where I can catch the subway everywhere I want to go.