Friday, April 08, 2011

The eagle is sleeping

That's not some espionage code. Last night I really watched an eagle go to sleep! Have you ever watched a bald eagle get ready for bed? I just did! Me and 85,000 other people! There are cameras hidden next to the nest of 2 bald eagles and their little eaglets. It's ridiculously addicting to watch. I love it. Actually, I traded in for the eagle cam. My office is in the basement of basements, so having nature sounds is a nice change of pace. Maybe if I turn the fan on it'll be like having a window open. Nature sounds and a breeze!

Earlier today I watched one of them feed the baby eaglets. Watching such a ferocious bird be so gentle was awe inspiring. Now you can watch them on my blog. Enjoy! Even my one year old nephew can say "eagle" now.

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