Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Staying calm when your flight is delayed isn't always easy

 I’m writing this while stuck in the airport. I was trying to stay calm, so reading a magazine seemed to be a good idea. It was until I found out that in Hong Kong you can have your wedding reception at McDonalds. They have a reception room. No joke. Instead of a wedding cake, they serve a pyramid of single serve apple pies. I can’t imagine a worse wedding reception! I mean really…what is this world coming to?

Second not so calming factor…a whole plane load of kids who are on their way home from space camp. Holy canolli! Talk about a good dose of birth control! There’s one kid who I’ve observed to be a bit of a social outcaste. You might say he’s in his own little world. Nothing wrong with that. I’m often in my own little world. This guy must be about 12 years old. He’s wearing a bright blue space suit and he’s hiding between the chairs. Or under the chairs. Despite his awkward behavior, I have a feeling he just had the time of his life at space camp! It’s my general opinion that there’s nothing better in the world for a kid than camp!

Time for more Sudafed. Experiencing spring in 4 states and one commonwealth in a 10 day span has been a bit much for me. Serious sinus thing going on and I’m not happy about it. Thank goodness for Sudafed. I hope the meth heads don’t ruin a good thing. If I wasn’t able to buy Sudafed, I don’t know how I’d survive. My sinuses might actually explode!

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