Friday, April 01, 2011

My camera has been found!

My mom found my camera the other day. Great news for me! I was surprised by the pictures. Evidently, the last time I used my camera was at the Feast of the Hunters' Moon. This festival is a really big deal for my family. I've only missed 3...maybe 4 times in my entire life. 2 of those times I was in Ireland and another time I was in California for a school conference that was required. Otherwise I would have been at the Feast. My sister used to drive home from Toronto for the weekend of the Feast. Big deal, folks....really really big deal for our family. Here are some pictures from the past year.
 Who's corn is it?

John Figgy helping with a bonnet.

Aunt Alecia talking sheepish things

That's the face of a boy about to do something with a bow and arrow. Watch out!


Kevin @ said...

Wow, that is quite the nerd fest. Looks like a place I would love to go. Congrats on finding your camera.

AnnLaura said...

Nerds!?!? Oh. Well, maybe a little. Yay for the camera!

TusaRebecca said...

yeah...I guess you're right Kevin. It's kind of nerdy, but really super fun! I've never known anyone to have a bad time!