Thursday, April 21, 2011

I still want an iPad2

I want an iPad 2. I want one real bad. I've been waiting for a really long time. A term that came up a lot during my conferences was, "early adopter." Early adopters tend to be the technology freaks who wait in line for the latest and greatest. I can relate to these people, but I'm not one of them. I want to be waiting in line. I want to be one of the first. I'm never one of the first though. It's all for the better in my opinion. For the iPod, iPhone and the iPad, I've waited one very long painful year for the next version to come out. Actually, the iPod was a fluke. Sure, I wanted one. I didn't spend my own money on it though. Landed myself in the hospital for a while and my godmother suggested someone get me one. Boom. iPod nano 2nd generation. It's my general opinion that the iPhone 3Gs is quite a bit better than the iPhone 3G. Worth the wait. The iPhone 4 doesn't tempt me. I think the iPad 2 has been worth the wait, but the problem is I'm still waiting!!!! I finally broke down and put a deposit down at Best Buy. Here's the logic...

I wanted to get something engraved on the back of it, but I couldn't decide what. No longer need to buy from the Apple Store. Everyone suggested I engrave something generic, so that I can sell my iPad someday. What? I've never sold any technology. I tend to use it till it dies. Or in the case of my iPod, till it dies and comes back to life. That baby has been through the wash! Once it dried out, it worked like a gem.

I have a Best Buy rewards card, so basically I'll get 1% cash back from my credit card and $10 in gift certificates back from Best Buy.

I'm tired of called the AT&T store and Best Buy every day to see if they have any in yet. Best Buy will call me when the iPad comes in. Could be tomorrow, could be in a week or so. Until then, I'll be waiting at the edge of my seat! Can you guess what color I ended up with? Black or white? And what color case do you suppose I'll get? The color has been chosen!


kevin said...

You and my girlfriend both want an iPad. I have no idea what she would use it for, but she wants one. If I get a tablet, I'd get an Android one due to my loathing of Apple.

AnnLaura said...


TusaRebecca said...

@Kevin: If you're going to get an Android tablet, I'd wait a little while. The next generation of Android tablets should be way better! I'm a fan of Android, but I'm a big Apple fan too. For gadgets at least!

@ AnnLaura: I was thinking green, but I changed my mind. At least I think I changed my mind. Pretty sure I'm going with pink. We'll see what kind of mood I'm in when I pick up my iPad.