Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The iPad2 race is on!

The race is on. Actually, it's been on for almost a week. Who can get me an iPad2 faster? Best Buy or Apple.

Best Buy: I put a $100 deposit down on the iPad over a month ago. Still.No.iPad. Super frustrating. I did this because it was going to help me save about $20 and I thought it wouldn't take forever. Blogged about it a while back with all the rational.Well, that rational has gone to pot. Luckily, I can get my deposit back. Unheard of, right? My guess is that so many people are ticked off and Best Buy can't make us wait forever.

Apple: The only real reason I wasn't buying through Apple was the $20 in coupons I had for Best Buy. I ordered on through Apple on Saturday. Supposedly it will ship in 1-2 week. I'll for sure get it by June 10th. The great thing is that I can cancel my order if one comes into Best Buy before Apple ships one to me! It's a win-win. The main thing is that I want my iPad before I leave for Australia. Now it's a sure fire thing! I still think I've waited way too long!

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Kevin @ said...

That'll be nice to have for such a long plane ride. Good luck!