Thursday, May 26, 2011

Coin Star: turns metal into plastic!

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I've seen the CoinStar machines in various locations, but I never pay attention. I was under the impression that those machines take a percent of your money. Purdue Federal Credit Union has a coin machine that is free for members, so I just use that. If you want cash, then yes...the machine takes a cut. But...Turns out that you can cash in your change at a Coin Star machine and get gift cards and there's no fee! How fun is that?!? It gets better. Sometimes they have bonus deals. Right now, if you cash in at least $5 in coins, you get a $5 Borders book store bonus certificate. Recently, the bonus was iTunes. Other gift card options include Lowes,, Gap and their family of stores, Starbucks, CVS, etc. Looks like I have a new motivation to stash my pocket change. Maybe I can hold out for an, Starbucks or iTunes bonus.


Paula @ said...

Check their fee ... I've heard CoinStar machines have high fees.

TusaRebecca said...

@Paula, CoinStar has high fees if you just want cash back for your coins. If you use your coins to get a gift card, there is no fee and often there is a bonus! That was what I was trying to say in the post. Sorry if it wasn't clear. :)