Friday, March 04, 2011

Want it so bad!

Oh boy! I've been wanting an iPad for a long time. Like the iPhone, I've waited to see what the 2nd generation would be like. I held out for the iPhone 3Gs and then splurged on the 32GB. Glad I did! I have nearly all my music on there plus loads of apps and pictures! It was worth the wait. Oddly, when the iPhone 4 came out I wasn't tempted by it at all. I don't really do the face to face skype thing, so the new features weren't worth much to me. So now...the iPad 2 is coming on March 11. It's one sleek little machine for sure! I budgeted so that I can get the 16GB iPad with 3G connection. You'd be surprised how many conferences I go to that don't have free wi-fi. The 3G is a must for me. I could totally get the 16GB iPad 2, but I probably won't be able to see the difference between the old and the new graphics, I don't need the face-time application, and I don't need a 10 inch digital camera/video recorder. I do like the idea that it's lighter in weight. That's about the only real selling point for me and I'm not sure how much I'd notice it. are my 2 more realistic options as I see it...
Option 1:
Buy the 16GB iPad 1 for $529. That's $100 cheaper than the 16GB iPad 2. That leaves me $100 in the budget for accessories/3G subscriptions.
Option 2:
But a refurbished 16GB iPad 1 for $479. That's $150 cheaper than the iPad 2. Leaving me $150 in the budget for accessories/3G subscriptions.

Accessories I'm pretty sure I would buy right away include the the $30 camera adapter/SD card thing and a case which I should be able to get for less than $20 on A 3G subscriptions is $15-25 for 30 days. Let's say I spend $50 on accessories. Option 1 leaves 3 months of 3G. Option 2 leaves almost 7 months. Does anyone know of a reason to NOT buy refurbished from Apple? Gotta's looking pretty good right now! And if the iPad 1 drops in price even more after the iPad goes on sale, I will be one happy girl!


Joscelynn said...

I am so lusting after the iPad 2. I'm just not sure my line of work justifies the iPhone 4 I have let alone an iPad. Right now it would probably be a glorified e-reader for me, but I am dropping hints with any and all who will listen to me right now. You know, with Mother's Day right around the corner. Dream on!

If I were you, I'd splurge on the 2. If you're already spending that much, you know?

TusaRebecca said...

I'm actually starting to lean towards the 2. A few people have mentioned the weight and being on the smaller side of things, I might actually notice that 30% lighter weight. I'm getting super antsy! I will try to drop mother's day hints for you too!