Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog Roll is Growing

The world of blogs is pretty interesting. I have no idea who stumbles across my blog. If you do stumble across my blog and want to leave a comment, that would rock my world! I usually stumble across a blog through a series of blog roll clicks. If I’m reading a blog I like, I look to see the list of blogs that writer likes. I’ve been following Couponing to Disney for several months now. She posts great deals, coupon matches for various stores, etc. One day she posted that a friend of hers was having a baby and needed some serious prayer. So of course I clicked on her friend’s blog and I’ve been following amazing life story of a little guy named Mason at Jelly Chronicles ever since he was born. Talk about a little fighter. One day, Mason’s mommy had her blog roll up, so I clicked on a few. One linked to another to another and then to Gavin Owens. For whatever reason, I instantly felt connected to the blog author. Weird, right? Because if you read her blog, and trust me you will be completely inspired by the love that pours out of this young woman, you will see that our lives are not so similar.  She’s amazing! She inspires me in a big way. I mean, she’ll let you know she isn’t perfect. But truth of the matter is, she’s frickin’ amazing! Her whole family is amazing! Just look at all her pictures and you’ll see love oozing out of them. So now I have another blog that I follow and glean inspiration from. That’s just the way it rolls in the blog world. 

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