Sunday, March 20, 2011

Saving Money Backfired on Me...kinda

Well, remember the new running shoes I got? The ones that were supposed to give me wings? The ones I got a super great deal on? They're killing the muscle to the outside of my shin and making my ankles hurt in a really weird way. I caved and went to Tri-n-Run to get help. Umm...they are some of the nicest people ever! I thought maybe I just needed some different inserts, but no. The shoes I bought are over-supportive for my neutral feet. The reasons my ankles hurt is because I'm basically running on the outsides of my feet. Thankfully I was able to return the original shoes. Whew. I was prepared to drop $100 or more on a pair of shoes at Tri-n-Run, but I got a different pair of Brooks that were last year's model and they gave me 20% off! I ended up paying $84 with tax. Only $10 more than the last pair I bought, so not too bad. My new shes are cuter than the last pair. I'm more of an orange and pink girl anyway!

On another note Baxter rocked 2 runs with me last night and this morning! He's getting so good at pacing and not marking every single tree. I think we'll get up to a solid 3 miles together here soon. Well, maybe. If you look at him passed out after our run, it's hard to be convinced! I'm up to 7 miles on my longest run with Marsha and Kristin. I like the mid-week long runs instead of weekends. Weekends are too crazy to have to schedule in a long run. I'm not THAT disciplined! But at least Marsha pushes me and makes me prove to myself that I am physically capable of running longer and longer distances. Only about 7 weeks till show time! Ack!

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