Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Best Dog Groomer Ever!

I’ll be completely honest and say that I don’t do a great job of keeping up with Baxter’s grooming routine. He spends a lot of time looking like a Muppet (see left). He looks sharp when he's been groomed though for sure (see right). Getting him groomed is pretty expensive. Usually costs between $45 and $50. I don’t even spend that on my own hair! Maybe I should, but I don’t. The February weekly coupon circular had a $10 off coupon for this place called AJ’s Mutts and Cuts. I drove past the place and although it’s in an odd location, the shop looks like it could be on Main Street. Last week I couldn’t take it anymore, and took Baxter in. Turns out her husband is a grad student! Obviously that’s fantastic motivation for me to support her small business. I’d much rather supplement the income of a grad student and his wife than supplement the revenue of PetSmart. When I went to pick up Baxter he was running around the shop with her dog. He seemed un-phased by the grooming ordeal. Then get this…

Yesterday I got home and Baxter had mail! There were even stickers on the envelope. Inside was a lovely note card with a hand-written note thanking us for supporting her in her first year as a small business owner plus a coupon for next time. I could hardly believe it! Not a pre-printed post card, but hand written piece of snail mail! If you’re in the Lafayette area and need to have your dog groomed or bathed, please go support Baxter’s new friend at AJ’s Mutts and Cuts. Tell her Baxter sent you! 

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Kevin @ Thousandaire.com said...

What a great business owner. Those are the kind of people that make this country go.