Thursday, June 18, 2009

Queen of Kitchener

I finally got up the nerve to do the tubular bind off on the collar part of my sweater. It's basically kitchener stitch, but crazier because there are about 300 stitches. I'm cheating a little bit. You're supposed to do 2 rows of double knitting (it's in the video). I pretty much just started slipping the knit stitches onto one really long double pointed needle and the purl stitches on another. So here's the picture...You can see my double pointed needles, the rediculously long piece of yarn on the darning needle, the circular needle I used to knit the dang thing and about 20 stitches cast off. Since taking the picture I have 80 stitches bound off and it's looking much nicer. I actually think doing it more like kitchener is easier than trying to follow the instructions for the tubular bind off. Theoretically I'm getting the same effect. It's really stretchy and looks nice! Although it's tempting to stay up and knit, I have to get some sleep. I'm way too tired lately.

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