Friday, June 19, 2009

A day in the life of a nerd

Today I was up to my ears in data. Well, actually this morning I wasn't. We had training on doing doubly labeled water studies. I won't bore you with the details, but like most of my involves diet records and urine collection. I really have it good! I felt like a dork though because i started day dreaming about other mini-studies we could do during the big study. It's sad to think that only one year into this PhD think I'm already starting to see how much data we can milk out of a study. About 2 weeks ago I was at a conference in DC and was inspired to look into portion size estimation a lot more. To make a long story short, we know people can't estimate how much they eat but we don't know why. Today I thought of an easy study that could give some insight on that.

It was really the afternoon that I was up to my ears in data. We kind of designed our own cheeseburger and it doesn't have a food code. Everything MUST have a food code. So now I have to do tons of uh...arithmetic to figure out how to deal with it compared to existing food codes. I'm not a fan of math and was easily distracted by Pioneer Woman. Everything she does is disgustingly exquisite. So that made me think of all my pretty dishes. And...since I'm getting to be a wiz kid with databases I thought to myself...I should catalog my dishes in a giant database! Sadly I don't use my dishes right now, so I thought I could put the catalog on my blog and when people need massive amounts of awesome dishes for a dinner or a party they can kind of rent them from me.

Knitting is still going. I'll probably just keep knitting and catalog dishes in another life time. I don't feel like taking a picture right now, so sorry for the photoless post.


Anna May said...

It's good to have you back blogging. I'malmost afraid to say that, I'm afraid you'll quit again for a long time.

TusaRebecca said...

Ha! Well, life isn't so boring right now, so I actually have things to blog about!