Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ha! I beat Annie!

After yoga today I had way too much fun chatting and laughing with my friend Sarah. We're both too scatter brained and into school stuff to hang out very often which turns out to be perfect. We were supposed to have lunch today, but we both forgot. I saw her old roommates over by stone hall when I was on my way home to let the dogs out which is what tipped me off that I had forgotten. Crap! So I called Sarah and left a message hoping she had forgotten too. She called me a little while later to apologize for forgetting. It was really funny. So we had coffee instead. Laughing with a friend is the best kind of workout.

Annie is awesome and gave me a friendship bread start. I hope I don't ruin it! I've never been the best at making bread, but I'll sure give it a try! The thing is, when I got to her house there was an odd van that said "Mobile Command Unit" on the front. There was even a camera on the dashboard. We watched it for a while and tried to figure out why it was parked there. I figured they had a bugged informant in a house nearby and the police were going to get some big drug bust. Annie seemed to think something along the same lines. Just as I was about to leave, an old man in a suit came up to the van and opened it and out hopped a little dog! What?!?!? Annie and I nearly died. Here we had imagined up some drama and it was just an old man and his camper van. He asked me where the nearest Wal-Mart is and explained that he's allowed to stay in Wal-Mart parking lots. He figures "Mobile Command Unit" sounds better than "Little Old Man With Cash." What a character! It looked for all the world like a police detective van. Well, except that it wasn't too subtle. Guess the joke is on us!

For the record I beat Annie to posting that storie. She'll probably tell it better though! Please tell your version of the story Annie!

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Anna May said...

Too funny!!!!!!!