Saturday, June 13, 2009

maybe i will try again

I suppose I could try to blog again. Some days it seems like life is too busy and not interesting enough to blog. It's summer now and that brings a new air of optimism for starting anew. I don't really know why we make new year's resolutions in January. Seems like spring or summer would be a much better time. This is a way better time to start exercising, being more environmentally friendly, blogging, etc. Not that I'm doing those things very well, but this would be the time! I did sign up for PiYo at the co-rec. Monday we mostly do pilates and Wednesday we mostly do yoga. Either way I can barely walk the next morning. The co-rec charges for classes like PiYo, so I feel obliged to go. It's not that big a deal since I enjoy it, but it's nice to be half-forced to go. Although I've embraced the fact that I don't enjoy running I'm running anyway. If nothing else, it gives me an excuse to buy cute Nike running shorts! I ran with Baxter yesterday. It's more like interval training than endurance training. Maybe sprinting from tree to tree will make me a stonger runner! Who knows!

Today had wasn't such a bad Saturday. Slept in for the first time in ages. Can't complain about that! Did some laundry...not so exciting. Went to TJ Maxx for the irst time in ages and bought some cute Nike running shorst and a Father's day gift for John. Props to me for getting a Father's day gift a week early! And it's not even related to golf! This afternoon I got to hang out with my niece for a while. She's pretty hilarious. Her songs are the best. Well actually, her fashion sense is the best. Annie has pictures on her blog that will keep you amused for a while. Plus stories to humor you for a while! Mostly Anja wanted to read books and shout at squirrells. I tried to help teach her to jump on the couch, but that was only mildly successful. I also tried to get her to say Auntie, but that didn't really work either. She just pointed to me and laughed every time I said "auntie." Little bug! We had fun though and that's all that really matters! It will be more fun when we can fingerpaint!

I'm trying to get 2 sweaters done. Well, actually I'm trying to get one sweater done and then I'll try to get the other done. I've been working on one since last week. There were a lot of meetings during that time, so it's just one sleeve short of being done. The other sweater is a sleeve and a collar and a lot of piecing together away from being done. If I weren't so lazy I'd get off my lazy bum and take some pictures. Maybe later. Hopefully the summer sweater will be done in the next day or two so I can wear it on cool summer nights!

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