Monday, March 14, 2011

My GAP adventure cost me $13.

Yesterday was a good day in the shopping life of yours truly. I had a $50 gift card to the GAP family of stores PLUS my $25 off a $50 purchase code that I advertised the other day. I got a pair of fantastic jeans on clearance for $51. Jeans that fit are not easy to find. I'm not sure who they are designed for, but it's not me. These jeans are....well...tight. Gap jeans tend to stretch a lot and then I'm always really disappointed when my jeans are sagging off my butt. I outsmarted them by buying jeans I can barely breath in! They should fit perfect after a wear or two. I'll have to break them in by wearing them for the first few hours of the day and take them off as soon as I eat something! I also got a running skirt (yup...running skirt!) on clearance for $20 and a pair of running shorts for $16 both with an extra 30% off. Lastly, I got a little running arm band wallet thing for $3. I can use the arm band wallet thing soon, but the running shorts are going to have to wait till these legs have seen some sun! The grand total was $13 and change! Woohoo! Did anyone else get to use the GAP code?

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Kevin @ said...

Anytime a girl goes shopping and spends $13, that's a great day.