Monday, March 28, 2011

Here's a good reminder that I am not poor.

Fabulously Broke hit the nail on the head. Please go read her post. Now! I mean right now, go read about what your net worth "should" be. My net worth "should" be $72,000 according to the Millionaire Next Door equation (can't stand that book, by the way). Or, somewhere closer to $7,200 if you use the other calculator listed on her site. The $7,200 takes into account paying off student loans. I've spent my fair share of time rejoicing in my budget, but if I'm completely honest, I resent my budget a lot of the time. I would love to feel like I could spend slightly more on life's conveniences without breaking the bank. Did you see the end of FB's post? The part about comparing your wealth to the rest of the world? If you didn't, you should. It's powerful. I'm not even posting the link, because I'm forcing you to go to FB's blog and find it there. Despite my measly grad student salary, I'm in the top 10% of the world's global rich list. Supposedly there are only about 620 million people who make more money than me. Gulp! Remind me to be thankful for what I have more often! What's your number? After you've read FB's post, and found your spot on the global rich list, post it in the comments section. Let's be thankful together and remember that no matter how bad it is today, it could always be worse.

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