Friday, July 18, 2014

Birthday Mail: Rebecca got a heart attack!

Happy birthday to Rebecca! 

Rebecca is a dear friend who I met in grad school. We were assigned to the same study group with Emily. I'm pretty sure that's the biggest accomplishment of JCF's career! Sadly I live far from all of my grad school friends. Grad school had it's perks. One of them was getting to spend most days in the same building with a lot of really great friends!

I got this idea from Sahwni over at 71 Toes. Her super cute family has a Valentine's "Heart Attack" tradition. I noticed on of the little girls and her friends gave a friend a heart attack for her birthday, so I decided to send my friend a heart attack too! I had so much fun remembering fun times Rebecca and I have had together and the ways she inspires me. I wish we lived closer, wish I could have celebrated with her in person, and wish could hang out like old times. Sending a heart attack is pretty darn fun. I think I might have to add this as a birthday tradition forall  my far away friends!

I finally found a use for the big stack of scrap booking paper! Let's face it...I'm never going to make a scrap book.

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