Monday, July 28, 2014

A weekend with family!

This weekend was fantastic! This picture sums it up if you ask me! Aren't my nieces and nephews the cutest?!? I loved getting to spend time out at my brother's house. Sometimes country air is the best medicine!

Spent the weekend digging through memories and choosing treasures to keep for generations to come. In other words...had to deal with my mom's house for a few days. I got a storage unit, and oddly enough the price of the unit helped me make some decisions. If it weren't for a few huge pieces of antique furniture, I think I would downgrade to a smaller unit for sure. Or potentially no unit. 

I had 2 mottos that I need to translate to my apartment when I get back:

1. Did I remember this existed?
2. Would I pay to store this?

Things I'm already thinking should be examined include stuff under my bed and stuff in the kitchen cabinets. Might take another pass through the closet while I'm at it! Who says spring cleaning can't happen in the middle of summer? 

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