Sunday, August 19, 2012

Let's get the ball rolling agin...

I think it's time to get this blog rolling again. I've had all these ideas for posts, but haven't taken the time to write them down. Life happens so fast!
Baxter chilling out at the Brookline Booksmith

Quick update since the last post from sunny Hawaii back in November...

I've finished my PhD, been accepted for a post-doc, and as a part of that moved to Boston to do another degree! Considering I was not a fan of school as a kid, it's crazy to think that I've entered something like grade 27. Also kind of crazy that considering I was not a fan of school as a kid I ended up at Harvard. Crazier things have happened in the world. So all of this means that I have my own apartment now. It also means I have to adjust to big city life. That, of course, is a big joke. Life here is not the big city life I thought it would be. I wake up and take Baxter for a walk around the neighborhood. There are a few bakeries that make the neighborhood smell so good! We run into a lot of friendly people along the way. I expected city people to nod at the most as they passed. Usually everyone smiles and says, "good morning!" Every walk is about the same. People say hello, kids love on Baxter, etc. Sometimes we go inside the shops and look around. It's pretty cool to live in a place that is so dog friendly!
You name it, they have it! Even dog treats for loyal customers.
 This week is a down week. I've already completed 6 weeks of the most intense course-based schooling of my entire life. The professors were fantastic. They made sure that despite the Indy 500 style pace of the courses we could have a good learning experience. My classmates are a whole other story! 99.9% of my classmates were physicians. We had a blast together! It's always crazy how fast you can become close friends with the people you are with all day every day. I was sad to see a few of them head off for home yesterday. They are in the summer-only program. Thankfully, there are a good handful of awesome people who are here all year! It's going to be great.

Since I've been here, I've been especially enjoying food and cooking. Pretty rough having a Trader Joe's less than 2 blocks from my apartment! I went to the regular grocery store once and quite frankly, I hope I never have to go back. I have all kinds of food post ideas! All kinds of post ideas in general! Yay for the blogging bandwagon!

More on life in Boston to come on a more regular basis!

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