Monday, August 27, 2012

Goodwill hunting

These are my spoils from my most recent Goodwill hunting trip. A pair of new with the tags J. Crew khaki shorts, a purple New Balance running shirt that seems pretty new, a Vera Bradly wallet that looked so new I looked in every pocket for the tags, and some really pretty chunky yarn! Total was less than $13. Woot woot!

Goodwill hunting started long long ago for me. I was shopping at the Goodwill way before it was cool, so I got good at finding name brand clothes. You can always tell, because the dye lot colors of name brand clothes are always better than the dye lot colors of clothes from bargain stores. I took a friend with me on this trip who doesn't really have training in Goodwill hunting. I had actually told her about the color thing and as I scanned the blues and purples, the first thing I grabbed was this purple New Balance t-shirt! You don't really have to look at the labels to find what's nice. Anyway, I remember the first time we had a jeans day my freshman year of high school. Someone asked where I got my pastel striped t-shirt and I felt very clever to say, "Oh, it's Gap." I never said I got it at Gap, just that it was Gap. Now I'm all proud and let people know the brand, that it's from Goodwill and that I paid just $2! Oh how the times have changed. Speaking of change...I think I'll go swap out from my current wallet to this new one.

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