Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to school lunches

Have you seen some of the bento box lunches that are out there? Just go do a Google Image search for "bento box lunch." There are some super creative people in this world! I have no intention of using cookie cutters on carrots or making panda shaped rice balls. I do like the idea of little bits of this and little bits of that and boom! Lunch! The Besides all the creative bento box lunches, the Starbucks Bistro Boxes are also a bit of an inspiration. Here are a few of the lunches I've pulled together in the last few weeks...

Trader Joe's brown rice grain mix (on the bottom)
Bean sprouts, cucumber, tomato, avocado and lime juice.
This was inspired by the California Sandwich on Ezra Poundcake's blog. Served with various veggies and hummus.
Salad with cucumbers, tomato, yellow bell pepper, and feta cheese.

Salami and crackers

You may have noticed that I'm a pretty big fan of the Ziploc divided rectangle. Great for cold lunches. Not as great if you have leftovers, because everything gets heated together. I just splurged on a little bento box at TJ Maxx the other day. That way I can pack cold stuff on top and just nuke the bottom half.
Some of my friends teased me about being a wee bit too healthy, so fooled them into thinking I was less healthy by adding chocolate with the favorite California Sandwich. Ok, maybe I didn't so much fool them. I've enjoyed these healthy lunches and find that they are crazy easy to throw together when I'm still half asleep in the mornings.
This is just left overs from a get together. Salami, brie, crackers, and a chocolate. One of my yummy, but lacking fruit or veggie lunches. I may have packed a side of blueberries this day. Not sure. The chocolate was a mystery chocolate from a Russian grocery store and it was gross. I'm not sure what kind of syrup was in the barrel, but it was gross. Side note: I have a bag of mystery chocolates in the fridge. Most are really good. It's just these barrels that are gross. Nothing against Russian chocolates!

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