Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Tidying up Inspires Weekend Projects

My jewelry on display
This weekend I plan to complete a few fun projects. My nephew is turning 2 on Friday, and I can hardly wait for his birthday party on Saturday. Sunday is going to be for a few fun projects. I've been organizing my room. I'd say re-organizing, but the truth is that it's been in a state of disarray and so I'm basically just organizing! I laid all my jewelry out on top of my dresser. Might be the most organized my jewelry has ever been, but obviously I need a system! This is the inspiration for a few weekend project ideas.

Project 1: Jewelry Holder
I'm thinking something like this wire and picture frame deal, but it's going to need room for more earrings than this one can hold. Surely I have an old frame and some wire sitting around that could be used for this. Next on the list will be something to deal with all the necklaces. Anyone have old wooden silverware trays? I need them!

Project 2: Beaded Wrap Bracelet
Hello cuteness! I'll have to search through my beads at home to see what I have and then supplement with beads from Von's. I have a few beads that might actually serve as the elephant, but a little metal animal or elephant would be so cute. We'll see what Von's has! This will add a cheerful touch when I'm in a jeans and gray t-shirt mood! I'm pretty much always in a jeans and gray t-shirt mood. 

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