Monday, August 22, 2011

Weekend of Food

The final presentation.
This weekend was a weekend of food. Not just ok food...great food! I made Peach-Whiskey BBQ chicken. I think it's a recipe P-Dub will have in her next cookbook. I used fancier peach preserves, and fancier whiskey. It was so good. I love cooking. Love it! I wish I had the time to cook 2 hour meals every night!

I served the chicken with mashed potatoes (as suggested) and grilled zucchini/yellow squash. I used a cheese slicer thing to get the long ribbons. The guys seemed to think that was pretty special. Did I mention that my audience was all guys? Cooking for guys in nice, because if they're hungry enough they will eat just about anything. On the other hand, they get picky about "girl" food. There was nothing girly about this meal, that's fo sho.

After dinner, I was surprised with birthday cake from Nick and Sam's. Is that beautiful or what?

Hello yummy goodness!
This is what I learned from the whole dinner (it's almost budget related!)
1. Chicken breasts are so 1990's. Chicken quarters are cheap, delicious, and look really nice for serving. I've never had anyone complain about eating thighs and legs.
2. You only need about 2 good sized red potatoes per person when making mashed potatoes. I estimated 3, plus a few extra for good measure. We will be eating potatoes for a few days. Oops!
3. If you have something in the oven for an hour, you should do dishes while you wait. The kitchen was a complete disaster by the end of the night!

Just wanted to make you drool a little more!

Now on a completely different topic. That snooze app I blogged about...I had to delete it! It went off the next morning, I had to listen to the obnoxious beep while I logged into my account. Then, I didn't get an option to turn off the snooze, so it went off again at which point I just turned off my phone. I've been told that it's in a serious beta phase and that a new version will be coming out soon. I'll re-install when the new app comes out and see how it is. I love the concept!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen that Pioneer Woman is going to be on Food Network now?

Joscelynn said...

About six months ago I had the same revelation about chicken quarters vs. breasts. Quarters are almost always on sale for dirt cheap and the taste so much better, so I stock up and keep them in the freezer.

TusaRebecca said...

@anonymous...I did know about P-Dub and Food Network. Crazy how famous she got just starting from a blog about life. I don't get how she has time for it all. Obviously she has a lot of help!

Annie said...

Oh my gosh. P-Dub! I had no idea what that meant until I read your other comment. Hilarious!

And yes, thighs are way prettier, and, in my opinion, way tummies since they don't get all dry like breasts. Plus, I live for the skin of poultry!!