Thursday, June 02, 2011

Gas prices drive me crazy

If there's one thing that's really been making me angry, it's jumping gas prices! The only thing that makes me more angry than the actual price jump is listening to the news throughout the day and hearing all the conflicting excuses for the jumps. It's ridiculous. This morning I passed my usual gas station and gas was $3.64. As I've said before, I'm pretty loyal to Speedway. I don't shop around for gas, because it's not worth driving across town to save 2 cents per gallon. Today was a different story! On my way home for lunch, gas had jumped to $4.15! That's right...51 cents in about 4 hours. I can see prices jumping 10 cents, but 50? So immediately I grabbed my phone, opened my GasBuddy app and this is what I saw.

 Gas at Payless (it's actually Kroger, but they left the local name) for $3.62. I'm willing to round to 50 cents saved per gallon since I drove a few extra miles, but still...I saved about $6.50 by going to the Kroger station today.There were about 20 or so other cars there waiting to get gas. I should have thought to take a picture of that!

I scrolled down and got a screen shot of the Speedway price. Just so you know that it really was $4.15 there. Glad I checked GasBuddy!


Sarah said...

The other thing with the Kroger gas is that for every $100 you spend in groceries per month (with a Kroger Plus card) you get 10 cents off per gallon of gas. Last week, when gas prices there were lower and we were heading out of town, we filled up and got 20 cents p/g off! Andrew actually pulled in right behind me so we could get both cars filled for the 20cent off!

TusaRebecca said...

@Sarah! Nice! Remember when we were learning to drive and gas was $0.99/gallon? Those were the days!