Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dear Volcano, please quit erupting.

Oh my gosh! Have you all heard about the volcano in Chile that's causing loads of travel woes? It seems most of the ash cloud is over Australia and New Zealand. Just my luck.

Yesterday's conference time was good. The research group that I'm a part of was invited to come to this conference to describe and demonstrate our project. I have to admit, our project pretty much rocks. The principal investigators (professors) are amazing to work with and they take such good care of us, plus the other grad students are super fun to work with. No wonder I actually like grad school! Here are a few pictures of my fellow grad students preparing for the demo.

Dinner last night was probably the highlight of the day. Partly, because the only food I had between breakfast and dinner was a cup of coffee and a cookie. Mostly because we had amazing Italian food and laughed and laughed and laughed. Marc and Maggie had baby snapper. Marc's fish was staring at me the entire time. With about 28 teeth! I've never seen so many teeth on a fish other than a piranha!

Today is already Thursday here. I think you all are getting ready for bed on Wednesday as i write this. I'll go exploring this morning and then head back to the conference this afternoon. I'll leave you with a few sights along the Yarra River.

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