Tuesday, November 13, 2007

We did it!

Harriet - quite possibly the nicest Welsh girl in all of the world - taught me and Mary to crochet tonight. We are quite proud of our granny squares. I'd say my square is more of a rhomboid! I'm going to miss knitting club a lot when I'm gone.

I'm pretty homesick today. I think it has to do with a beautiful little girl who I'm dying to get to see! I keep looking at all the photos of Anja Louise. The last time I was home was when I found out Annie was pregnant. That puts it into perspective for me!

Plus, I got lots of photos from AnnLaura yesterday too. Aurelio is getting so big! He's going to be doing pull-ups soon which should make his daddy proud.

I'm ready to go home and see everyone. Very ready....


Harriet said...

WOW! probably the nicest welsh girl, thats up against some pretty stiff competition. I am very honored! :)

Mary said...

Hi TusaRebecca, Ger is on holidays at the moment but you can try this website, even shows you how to knit socks http://www.royea.net/sock.html