Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Blogging from the back room...

Annie is nice and is letting me use the internet. Yeah! I just got my hair cut today. I love that feeling...knowing that all the nasty dead ends are gone and of course it always looks better when someone else styles your hair! Yeah for Tim Deeter!

(well, now I'm back at Cafe Vienna)

I really missed knitting club tonight. I like the routine of going and the social outlet and all the laughs. Instead, I went with my mom to her English class at Purdue. It's the class all first year university students are required to take. Most of them had an exam tonight, so mom took them pizza and I had to carry the drinks. It's always kind of fun meeting her students. I've been going to class with her since I was a few weeks old, so it's not new to me! It was cool, because I went back to the car at 5 o'clock and the Hail Purdue was ringing from the bell tower! I want to go to school again at Purdue, but I realize that it just might not work out and I'm preparing myself for that. I'd do just about anything to do my PhD there though. I'd be absolutely thrilled to do research at Purdue and live close to home and be close to friends. Fingers are crossed!

I don't know that there's anything else to report. Maybe something exciting will happen another day!

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