Monday, November 26, 2007

Three Currencies...

I had lunch with my dear friend, Dana today at Qudoba! I LOVE Qudoba. I always get the same thing...Queso burrito with chicken please! I went to get money to pay and realized I had money in three different currencies in my wallet. That was a funny sight to see! Czech crowns, Euro and Dollars.

There's a guy here at the coffee shop who I recognize because he used to always be here when I lived here a long time ago. So I'm he a PhD student? Professor? Post Doc? Has he failed out several times? Then I thought, oh dear! What if he's looking at me thinking the same? What is that girl doing here still? Shouldn't she have graduated by now?

I'm glad to be home, but some things are a little overwhelming. Like the grocery store. I went to the new Payless and didn't make it through even half the store before I had to get out. The isles are so long that they are split in half. There's a dividing isle perpendicular to all the main isles. Probably because if there weren't, it would be some kind of fire hazard! How nuts is that? I'm going to have to sneak some photos to post...seeing is believing!

Well, time to get some serious work done. This thesis isn't going to write itself!


Ger said...

Just thought I'd leave you a comment cos you haven't any. Good luck with the thesis. I enjoyed the photos of Prague, as i loved being there myself. You seem well settled in at home now and really delighted to see your family. How is your new niece.

Annie said...

Yeah, that new payless is something to avoid. Isn't it ridiculous?