Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What have I gotten myself into?

Monday was the first day of class. For the first three weeks, I’ll be studying food safety. At Purdue, I had one class where we learned about food safety and it went something like this…
These are the most common foodborn illnesses
These are the symptoms of the most common foodborne illnesses
You can prevent these illnesses by washing your hands, cooking meat to these temperatures, using a different cutting board for your vegetables, and drinking safe water.
Congratulations you are certified in food safety!

Monday we had 5 hours of lecture regarding naturally occurring chemical toxins found in foods. Talk about baptism by fire! I had never really heard of most of what Dr. Keating spoke about…theobromine, pyrrolizadine alkaloids, boraginacae, myristicin, etc...

Tuesday was much better. I learned about physical contaminants in foods and had a 1 hour on genetic modification technology. Wait ‘till you hear this…next Thursday, I have 9 hours of class in one day. That’s insane! Generally I have 6 hours of class a day for 3 weeks. At the end of the third week, I have to turn in a 10 page essay and take an exam.

The grading system here is backwards. In the US, a 4.0 represents the highest grades. Here, a 1.0 represents the highest scores. Here’s the thing though, anything above a 60 out of 100 points is a good score. Dr. McEvoy says he’s never given a grade higher than 78. When I get a paper back and it has a score somewhere between 60 and 75 (we hope!) I’m going to have to take a deep breath. I’m not sure I’ve ever scored lower than 85 on a research paper in college. In fact, I think the lowest score I ever received was on the book report that AnnLaura wrote for me in 8thgrade. Thanks for the B-, sis! I should have just written it myself! Do you think Mrs. Richeson knows that I didn’t write that? If she knew it was AnnLaura’s work, it would have gotten an A+!

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