Monday, September 18, 2006

Big John Was Here...

16 September 2006

My friend John McKinnis has been here for the weekend. We are both Campus House Has Beens. We had quite possibly the most social weekend ever! Friday night we met up few girls from Ireland that he knew previously. They are young…about 21…I think that Katharine will enjoy hanging out with them. Actually, having John here has helped take the pressure off when it comes to getting to know Katharine. It’s hard to explain, but trust me it’s been good! Saturday John and I convinced Katharine and Teryna (Turina) to go out with us. We found two cool pubs…the Stag’s Head and the Long Haul. We stayed out ‘till 2am and then made our way home in the rain. Sunday night we met up with the Irish girls at the Stag’s Head. I really wanted Katharine to meet them.

For those of you thinking that I might be going crazy with the pubs let me explain that pubs here are much different than the pubs and bars at home. It’s a little more like a coffee shop. People go to the pubs to talk and hang out. If you want to get drunk, find a date, and dance to loud music, go to a night club.

While John was here, he gave me the low-down on jet engine physics. Someone needs to remind me why I hang out with engineers! Anyway…just in case you were wondering...I do know how the engines work. The fan blades suck the air in. Smaller sets of fan blades squeeze the air into the engine. Fuel is added to the air with creates a bang. The air is then blown through the fan blades at the back of the engine which helps keep the whole process going. Seriously…they try to make it seem like to have to go to school to learn how to design airplanes. I’m sending my resume to GE tomorrow. I’ll get a job for sure.

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