Sunday, September 24, 2006

ET phone home...

Well, I won't be phoning home in the near future...I lost my cell phone tonight. I don't know if I dropped it, put it down in a store or if someone swiped it out of my pocket. Don't really know what to do about it right now.

These are strange things that happened to me today.

I went to church at this place called the CORE. I got there pretty early and got to talk to the welcome guy for a while. He was...well...very welcoming. He's also a professor at Trinity who studies the economic impact on world health. Later he introduced me to some girl from Texas. She's doing a masters in sculpture at the National College of Art and Design. She just arrived last Friday. Seemed like for her, being an artist is an excuse to dress horribly! She had on orange tennis shoes, striped socks, a long bohemian purple skirt and a dark green jacket.

After church I started walking to meet up with friends. I wasn't paying attention, and I stepped in a really gross puddle. (I was wearing my chacos). So there I was cold and with a wet foot. To cheer up and warm up I decided to buy a coffee. I ordered a macciato, becuase that's the only drink I know I like. Well, I was served about 4 sips of some face squenching, bitter, nastiness that had a drop of steamed milk on top. The milk looked like it had gotten there by accedent, except that it was perfectly centered.

I had a delightful lunch with my friends at St. Steven's green. After that, we went to the National Gallery. I managed to trail behind a guided tour while I was there. The docent was excellent! I really enjoyed listening to her interpretations of the art there.

After that we all split up. I was hoping for a little bit of alone time, but Bimal tagged along with me. We had some interesting conversation about live in Nepal vs. life in the US. Turns out he was working on a masters degree in Korea. His professor is on sebatical and Bimal left the program without telling his professor. Interesting.

I wanted to go to a concert tonight, but no one else was interested. Just when I had decided that I should just go home, I realized that my cell phone was not in my coat pocket. Panic! I checked 3 of the 4 places I had been. The 4th was closed. I ended up running into Upendra. When he called my phone no one answered. I think I'm out of luck. So Upendra took me to a little shop and bought a sausage for me to cheer me up. It turned out to be a hot dog (no bun) and was served in a paper sack. So there I was...walking down the street eating a naked hot dog out of a paper sack...mostly wishing I just had my cell phone.

Keep in touch. Don't call me...I can't answer!


BJ & Jessie Murphy said...

That stinks about your phone! I hope that you can get it back soon! I love the last post about your bicycle and the groceries. You're cracking me up here at work. :) - Jessie

Martin Schap said...

Hey Tut
Were you by any chance thinking that what you were getting was a Starbucks style maccchiato? Like a caramel macchiato? A real macchiato is espresso and foam. The word macchiato is Italian for "marked" and the drink is called that because the espresso is marked with a dollop of foam. If I was you I'd go for a latte or a cafe au lait next time. They both have a lot of steamed milk, and if you add a little sugar you'll probably like it a lot. Some places also call an au lait a misto.