Monday, September 18, 2006

Can you tell me how to get...

September 14, 2006

how to get to Sesame Street?

How’s this for a culturally diverse group? With everyone on the steps, it looks like Sesame Street goes to college. Here are the names of my classmates from left to right. (i'll have to upload the picure later. It won't work at the internet cafe):
Upendra (Oopendra) from India; Katharine from USA; Justin from Zambia; Nalinrat (Nah-leen-rot) from Thailand; Phensiri (Pen-see-ree) from Thailand (pink hat)

Phensiri might come live at my house, but she has to stay in her current arrangement for a month. There is another girl from Thailand. There’s something wrong with her back, so she had to stay home in bed today. Someone from Malaysia will arrive this evening. Don’t you think Justin looks a little like Dusty Baker? If only he had a toothpick hanging off his lip! We all get along so far. Justin, Upendra and I had fun at lunch talking about the difference between our shopping malls, universities, confusing things about Ireland, and such.

We are all treated like royalty. This Erasmus Mundus program that we’re a part of is highly regarded and we’re the first group to have been awarding the funding through Dublin Institute of Technology. Not only that, DIT is proud to have the most international students of any university in Ireland. It is estimated that there will be about 500 international students this year. They’ve developed a very accommodating International Student Affairs office. They’ve a staff of 4, but they seem very efficient with non-academic issues. We were told where to buy a hair dryer, where to go to the doctor, how to order re-entry visas, etc… For me, the hair dryer was most important and the doctor second most. I’ll be going there tomorrow to get an antibiotic for this nasty cold I’ve got.

Everyone here knows Dr. Boushey and thinks she’s wonderful. Even the Dean of Students for the whole university knows her! Certainly doesn’t hurt for me to be associated with her!

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