Wednesday, September 13, 2006

On the way

10 September 2006

I’m flying now. We’re over a city, but who knows where! I like to try and find the baseball fields and football fields.

Leaving home this afternoon was hard, but I was glad we left from the river. Ryan, Martin and I went canoeing for a while. That was great fun. Mom and John waved from the house…picture perfect! Just as I was getting ready, Baxter brought me his leash. That was when I pretty much lost my cool. *sniff*

I’ve finally met Katharine. She seems nice. She’s 23, blonde and a vegetarian. Take that for what you will. I think we’ll get along just fine. We both got letters from our mommies to read on the plane and read them at the same time. She brought her teddy bear, but packed him in her suitcase. Poor guy! Molly’s with me…don’t know how Ryan felt about being in the airport with me carrying Molly around. He’s good to me!

Airport security is interesting. They make a fuss about liquids and gels and pastes, but I was told that it’s actually up to the discretion of the inspector. The inspector let me take my contact solution. Whew! It would be pretty annoying to be stuck in the plane with dry contacts stuck to my eyeballs and no contact solution!

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