Thursday, February 24, 2011

Trying to get rid of dry eyes

My job is ruining my eyes. Not really, but kind of. I sit in front of a computer for 10-12 hours a day. Sometimes more. Lately, it's been a lot. My eyes have been hurting like no one's business. It's bad. They sting and feel bruised. Yesterday I went to the eye doctor for my yearly check-up and he told me the inevitable. "You have dry eyes." No *&^% Sherlock! But what he told me next surprised me a little bit. My eyes are so dry that my corneas are irritated beyond your normal dry eye irritation. Thus, the bruised feeling. So now I have to use eye drops every 2-3 hours when I'm in front of a computer. I don't mind eye drops, but I doubt I'll remember to use them enough to help. No worries though...I have a plan! iPhone to the rescue! I've set an alarm to go off every 2.5 hours! I figure hydration will help as well, so every 2.5 hours I will be putting in eye drops and getting a fresh glass of water.

Now for some other exciting news! I'm registered with a web traffic rating company called Alexa. I don't really know how it works, but they rank websites. Yesterday my Alexa ranking was over 10 million. Today, my Alexa ranking is 8,549,990. That means there are about 8.5 million websites better than mine. But yesterday there were over 10 million that were better than mine, so this is a 15% improvement. Woot woot! The goal is to get in the 100,000s. Then I will be cool like some of my other favorite bloggers. You can help me out by reading my blog, subscribing to my blog, linking my blog to your blog, telling your friends about my blog, etc. I will probably make it Facebook official this weekend. I have some fun things up my sleeve. Maybe I have a give away coming up! Stay tuned.