Thursday, February 17, 2011

Meet my coach

Just before Thanksgiving I made the brilliant decision to sign up for the One America 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. I don't like running. In fact this is the 3rd mini-marathon I've signed up for. My first mini would have been in Prague. A certain someone (me) didn't really train for it and conveniently a certain someone else got stuck in Spain, so I never showed up for the mini. Credit from my plane ticket was transferred to the ticket I used to get to my first Oktoberfest. Much more fun than running 13 miles for sure! The second mini I signed up for was in Champaign-Urbana. Friday night meetings that lasted till 10pm along with all the work to get ready for those marathon meetings were a pretty good excuse to drop the ball on that mini. No excuses this time though. There are 85 or so people from the College of Health and Human Sciences signed up for the mini. Pretty big deal. We're having shirts made and everything! Shirts from "wicking" fabric which on the order form is described as "fabric designed to keep athletes cool and dry in hot temperatures." Very fancy. Glad they defined "wicking" for us.

Last night was my first training run with my coach. He's pretty tough on me. Doesn't really take no for an answer. Practically drags me along. He's all about speed training an intervals too. Thankfully he's good for short breaks between intervals so I can catch my breath.

So here's my coach...

Looks pretty tough, right? Maybe this will change your mind...

Anyway, we have a goal to run a 5-K together. He's actually only good for about 1.5 miles right now, but the pace is faster than my usual pace so I'm ok with that. Nike+ guy tells me our pace is around 8.5 minute miles. My usual pace is a lot closer to 9.5 minute miles! Fun times. If you have any suggestions for running with dogs, let me know. Right now I'm just following his lead a little too literally!

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Kevin @ said...

First of all, cute dog. Second of all, I really like the new design. I was going to suggest you change the yarn ball or whatever you had before.

Finally, good post. I hope that dog keeps you motivated. It can be very hard to stay on track with working out.