Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Letting other people do the talking

I've had a rough morning. Evidently, alarm A was still set for 3:30am and it was on. Not cool. It was so hot I had trouble falling asleep. Alarm A rudely interrupted what precious little sleep I was getting! Arg! That made it really hard to wake up to Alarm B at 7am. Not a good way to start the day. It's coming up on the end of the month, so I figure I'll just let other people do the talking. In the next couple of days, you should do the following...

1. Check your monthly statements! Kevin just posted about this yesterday.

2. Review your budget. If you don't have one, make one! Molly over at Molly on Money actually has some good step by step reading for you. J. Money over at Budgets are Sexy has a nice list of free budget templates you can use.

3. Think of all the things you're thankful for. I saw a good quote yesterday, but forgot to save it. I think it said something to the effect of, "What you already have was probably once on a list of things you didn't have, but wanted." For the month of August, I'm going to try to be appreciate the stuff I already have! It's my birthday month though, so I'll probably have a little "happy birthday to me" spending in there too!

Today I'm thankful for
  • My air conditioned office
  • Splashtop on my iPad so I can work from home when I need to even though I'm not today (see above)
  • A really good journal paper that an intern found
  • that my friends Rebecca and John finally got their brand spankin' new Prius!!!!!
  • That I had clean clothes to wear
  • That it's still summer, because let's face it...summer is awesome!

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