Friday, October 30, 2009

Or you could just knit it...

I’ve had some time to drool over some fun catalogs yesterday and today! I would like to report that the following are hot items! Maybe this will help inspire your Christmas knitting.

The Limited is featuring “infinity scarves”. $40 for a chunky knit cowl in a bold color. Or you could just make one!

Sundance catalog is one of my all-time favorites! Some day I will do more than droll over the catalog! Here are some links with super cute knits that we could all knit before Christmas!

This little sweater vest is remarkably similar to several I’ve seen on Ravelry! Actually there are lots of sleeveless sweaters with big collars being worn over plan long sleeve shirts or longer sleeveless sweaters over simple dresses! Looks cozy and elegant for sitting around a fire! I saw a lot of that look in Athleta. Of course everything looks good on the uber athletic, yoga doing, skiing, surfing super women models in Athlete. &%(#)@#!!!

Here’s a cowl neck sweater that reminds me of Francis Revisited.

If only I had made my Shalom with sleeves! Check this out!

How about a pistal headwarmer? Can you say Calorimetry? $28!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out the other accessories! Norweigan Woods? Hooded mittens? Get yourself some alpaca with a twist and make these!

Well, that’s knitted fashion for October 30th brought to you by the quarantined girl who has too much time on her hands! Hope you are inspired to knit something fun for Christmas!

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