Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fried Crispy!

Well, multiple applications of SPF 45 is no match for 5 hours at the
water park on a clear sunny day. Unlike the horrible sunburns of my
youth, some parts of my body were spared. Still, I'm in a wee bit of
pain. My little sister seemed to have a blast though, so I suppose it
was worth it. Maybe. Thankfully I mostly sleep on my side!

Last night I watered the back garden and then forgot to turn off the
hose! Oops! Mom called and distracted me, so I'm blaming her!

Knitting group is always a riot. In some ways, I'd love to write about
all the personalities, but anyone who attends any knitting group
already knows. It's safe to say our knitting group fits the norm! I
really enjoy going. Almost skipped tonight, but I'm glad I didn't.
It's good therapy!

Tomorrow's a new day. Hopefully some of my red will fade to brown by then.

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1 comment:

Anna May said...

Hey, gal,
Sorry I missed knit night. Not really. It was really nice at Riehle Plaza. Not cold, not hot. Yet sunny. I took my crocheting and made two dish cloths while I listened to the music.

The best thing I've found for a sun burn is cold, wet towels. Keep changing them and when they aren't cold, change them. Only, not is a bit late. Sorry I didn't know it sooner.

Depending on the weather, I go to knitting, just depends on where.