Saturday, March 08, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

My trip home was pretty uneventful and for that I am grateful! I got through security just fine, but they teased me for having a vase and dishes in my carry on. Customs was fine, but after all that trouble I went through to get new pages added the guy stamped an old page! Chicago was actually the biggest pain. There were about 50 flights that came in all at the same time from Warsaw, Tokyo, Mexico, Ireland, Beijing and somewhere in India. It was mayhem! Of all those people on all those flights, I managed to be the second to last person to get through border patrol. The guy seemed a little surprised by my 75 kg of luggage, but let me through anyway and even welcomed me home!

AnnLaura and I are going to her local yarn store. I'M NOT BUYIG YARN!!!! Just browsing.

Right, I'm off. It's good to be home!

(blogger is being weird, so if this posts twice, I'm sorry!)


Anonymous said...

...if you managed to not buy yarn then i'll eat my hat...but then you'll have to buy yarn - viscous circle that....

Mary said...

Glad you got home okay Tusa Rebecca. I will be surprised if you do not buy yarn. Loved the socks and soap. Just got the soap yesterday as Ger had it in her handbag.